Take your digital campaign to the next level by using cutting-edge technology to elevate your brand and message. Our High Impact digital ads are perfect for when you need to promote a special sale or event or are looking for a unique way to get your message out. They’re big, bold and earn an outstanding response rate.

WALLPAPER: Image consumes the edges of the website and wraps editorial content on KansasCity.com. Can feature text and images, and is targetable by channel. The stationary image cannot be closed or collapsed.

INTERSTITIAL (Between the Page): Takes over entire browser page - between one page and the next. Page is open for 15 seconds or until user clicks the close button. 1024x768 in size, depending on website's page width. This ad completely covers the webpage.

  Interstitial (Between the Page) example, not actual size

Interstitial (Between the Page) example, not actual size

FLOATING FLASH: Plays like a movie dominating the user experience and demanding the user's attention. Can feature sound, motion and custom effects. Ad is stationary and plays for a maximum of 10 seconds. Frequency capped at one per user per day.

SLIDING BILLBOARD (960x470): Billboards slide down over the site's content, revealing a 960x470 panel. Can feature sound, motion and custom effects. Ad resides as a pencil strip (960x470) on the top of the page header. Ad auto-plays once per visitor per day and is activated by mouse click.

  Sliding Billboard example, not actual size.

Sliding Billboard example, not actual size.

  Corner Peel example, not actual size.

Corner Peel example, not actual size.

CORNER PEEL (800x550): Ad is displayed with a "page peel" effect. There is an automatic layer that opens on its own and stays open for three seconds. The ad is shown again when the user "mouses over" the ad unit, causing the ad to peel back and expose the message.

ROLL OVER / EXPANDABLE: Interactive ad that expands when users move their mouse over the ad. Enables advertiser to deliver more information without the user having to click on the ad. Available in all standard sizes (leaderboard, medium rectangle, wide skyscraper, rectangle, skyscraper, ruler)


Let The Kansas City Star help you build trust and engagement with customers through the use of Native Advertising. Designed to match the visual look of KansasCity.com, native ads integrate the content into the page and let the reader consume it in a normal flow. The Star does the work for you. We have partnered with Ebyline and its network of freelance journalists across all 50 states to provide timely and relevant content that feeds an audience need.


• Drives consumer engagement while being unobtrusive
• Enhances branding when the content is relevant and credible
• Highly visible placement on the left-hand rail on a front page channel
• Reader has the option to go to the customer's site landing page where stories are cataloged
• Enables the life of the content to be extended
• CTR and time spent rate are enhanced by Native Advertising
• Advertiser owns the content created by Ebyline
• Native ads have higher engagement. On sites that have both native and traditional ads, native ads perform better when analyzing engagement metrics


Source - www.dedicatedmedia.com


All contest packages include:
• Unique online schedules customized specifically for each individual contest
• Premium position on contest pages
• Premium position on contest emails
• Mobile and tablet platforms for all contests
• Email opt-ins on registration page
• Mention in all Star Reader Newsletters
• Featured on The Kansas City Star's Contest Facebook page and Twitter page


Create a powerful brand presence on Kansas City's leading news website.



• Medium Rectangle
• Half Page 'Monster'
• Leaderboard
• Ruler
• Pop Up / Pop Under
• Email Marketing
• Newsletter Sponsorship
• Dedicated Email Campaigns
• Mobile Network
• Mobile Apps
• Tablet Apps
• Tablet Adhesion


• Run of site (ROS)
• Run of Channel (ROC)
• Geo-targeting
• Day-part
• Any combination

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