MARKET analysis:

Our research team can provide you with demographics, expenditures, consumer behavior or media usage for an overall market area, an individual county or (in some cases) at the ZIP Code level. The analysis is not even limited to the Kansas City area as our research team has access to data across the United States of America.

Customer File Analysis:
A powerful new analytical capability is now available

We can analyze your customer database (we need an Excel file with address, city, state, and ZIP Code in separate fields; minimum of 1,500 records) and tell you...

• Who are your customers? (lifestyle and level of affluence)
• Where do they live? (which ZIP Codes)
• How can you find more people like them? (where else do those segments live)
• On what are they likely to spend their time and money? This includes media usage.

All Clients are protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement which assures that no data is shared.

"This is the best and most data we have ever seen on our company. We will be able to use this for years. It really seems to be unbiased as well." - Client Testimonial

For all of your research needs, contact or your Account Executive.